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sécher à l'air vos extensions de cheveux... de la bonne manière

Wearing hair extensions means a tad bit of compromising with your heat tools. This is a fact that should be shared with others to as a little reminder.

If you can stay away from any curling irons, hair straighteners, or blow-dryers, your hair extensions will be forever grateful and in return, will stay looking healthy. One rule to keeping your hair extensions from slipping is to make sure you never go to bed with wet hair. Now you may be asking, “So you want me to keep them dry without using a heat tool?” At first, this may sound contradicting but there’s a right way to drying your hair extensions.

When we say don’t keep your hair wet, we mean don’t keep your bonds, beads, or tape wet for too long. You don’t necessarily need to spend extra time blow-drying all of your hair. Blow-dry just the roots and let the ends air dry. You’ll get a cool looking messy-waves look doing this too. If you’re looking for the why explanation— Leaving your hair wet for too long tends to let moisture get inside of the connection between your natural hair and hair extensions (Which is why you’ll start noticing your tape go white instead of staying clear. That’s a sign of moisture getting in between, same with bonds.) It can even cause mold if you’re going to bed with your hair wet at the roots. YIKES!

Another option to explore, if you feel it’s absolutely necessary to apply heat, is to use the hot setting on your blow dryer for the roots and use the cool setting on the ends. It’s more work but it gets the job done.

Whenever you choose to use a blowdryer, be cautious of blowdrying in one spot for too long as that will be too much heat for your hair extensions and will cause slippage. Also, you don’t need a super hot setting. Use a moderate heat setting. Now do you see why we only suggest washing your hair only once or twice a week? It saves you drying time AND saves the condition of your hair extensions.
What’s your time-saving trick for proper blow drying? Do tell and share with us!